Bolkhov is the city where tsars Ivan the Terrible and Alexey Romanov found their love, the city of the oldest churches in the region and the highest bell towers, which has preserved the buildings and color of a rich merchant pre-revolutionary city. The city claims the status of the bell capital of Russia. Bolkhov is often called the" younger brother " of Suzdal


Turquoise Ring of Russia. Bolkhov.

Bolkhov-the capital of bell ringing

Bolkhov or Devyagorsk is a city of belfries and temples. The highest belfry of the Orel region-the bell tower of the Church of St. George the Victorious is only 4 meters lower than the bell tower of Ivan the Great in the Moscow Kremlin. Only in Bolkhov on big holidays, being in the middle point between the three bell towers, you can hear a unique three-tone game of bell ringers.

According to legend, when approaching the city of the steppe people, the monks hid two large bells in a backwater near the monastery. The dashing time is over. They got one bell, but couldn't get the other. And when the first bell rings, the second one from the ground answers it. The supposed burial place of the second bell is located on the territory of the modern city.

In the now preserved Trinity Church, Ivan the Terrible was married. According to legend, after the wedding, the tsar scattered gold coins near the temple, and the royal boot lost by Ivan Vasilyevich has not been found until now.

Today, 11 churches have been preserved in Bolkhov, and Bolkhov residents reverently honor Orthodox traditions.


Turquoise Ring of Russia. Bolkhovsky belfries.


Zlynsky stud farm Telegina

In 1872, the actual state councilor Vasily Telegin founded his own factory for breeding horses. With the new breed of horses bred by him, he participated in many prestigious races. The main source of income was the prizes taken by the horses of the Teleginsky stud farm.

Even during the life of the creator, the stud farm became one of the largest and most famous in Central Russia. Nikolai Vasilievich Telegin became famous as a talented breeder and breeder of the Russian trotter.

In 2005, the manor house became a museum after restoration. The stud farm has gained a second life – there are modern stables with a solarium for horses, maternity, veterinary, etc.

Here the traveler can test their riding skills and learn about the history of horse breeding in Russia.


Turquoise Ring of Russia Zlynsky Stud Farm


Where to stay in Bolkhov

Ethno-hotel "Bolkhovskaya Starina" (open since 2005)

The architecture and design of this hotel are completely recreated from old photographs of the monastery guest buildings of the XVIII century. It is located in a restored two-story stone house of the XVIII century, built in the classical style. This unusual hotel combines the simplicity of a traditional Russian house interior and modern comfort.

There are single, double and triple rooms available. There are 32 rooms in total. Check-in from 14: 00, check-out until 12: 00.

The hotel has a restaurant "Trapeza", banquet hall, Russian bath, cable/satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, Parking.

Vibroacoustic therapy sessions are held in the meditation hall.

Phone numbers: +7 (911) 922-42-29, +7 (910) 302-30-07



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