Turquoise ring of Russia. What to see?


Sights of the Turquoise Ring of Russia

1. Orel Polesie-house of Russian bison. p. Zhudersky, Khotynetsky district

2. The House of the Bitch (the prototype of Gerasim from the story "Mumu"). S. Lgov, Khotynetsky district

3. Belfries of the Holy Trinity Church (1708), St. George's Church (1740) and the Transfiguration Cathedral (1851).

4. The estate of I. S. Turgenev, Spasskoye-Lutovinovo village. Mtsensk district

 Selfie with a bison.

Watching wild animals in the forest.

Calendar   January-February
Cost of the service   from 15,500 rubles for 2 days/ 2 nights, all inclusive *

We walk through the snow-covered forest on skis, accompanied by experts in the forest. We observe bison on a feeding ground in the thicket of the forest on the territory of the national park "Orel Polesie". We get professional photos with bison. We live and eat in a hotel complex.


Selfie with a bison. Watching wild animals in the forest.

Tourist recreation center "Laguna". Recreation by the water and fishing.

The base is surrounded by a pine forest, mixed forests and meadows. The slopes near the base are covered with strawberries in the summer. The territory of the camp site, located in convenient proximity to the attractions of Maloarkhangelsk - more than 13 hectares.

Things to do:

Houses made of round logs (log cabins).

Fabulous hobbit houses.

Five double huts.

Mini-golf course (18 certified tracks of the European level, 36 holes) in the park version with rental of clubs and balls for playing mini-golf.

Cozy large indoor and outdoor wooden gazebos (including VIP gazebos) with barbecue grills or grills for a company of up to 20 people. You can order pilaf and grill, or you can cook everything yourself.

A pond with clear water, where silver carp, white cupid, walleye, sturgeon, crucian carp, carp and many other fish are found. Equipped fishing spots: fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the comfort of sitting on a bench and drinking tea. Local chefs will prepare the fish you have caught to order. Organization of summer and winter fishing.

A picturesque pond with a huge water mirror, where there is a fleet. A boat, boat or catamaran can be rented to drive on the water surface. For adults and children, life jackets.

Cook services by agreement: (pilaf, fish soup, shish kebab, koktal).

Salt cave.

Tea room "Korean rose".

Dance floor.

If you're lucky, hand-feed a wild heron.

How to get:

Orel region, Maloarkhangelsky district, Podgorodnenskoye rural settlement, Progress village

75 km from the city of Orel, 1.6 km from cities of Maloarkhangelsk

Navigator coordinates: 52.365101, 36.466211

Phone: 8 (910) 748-24-02

Vkontakte https://vk.com/bazalaguna

All-weather entrance, car parking

Round-the-clock security

Working period: winter, spring, summer, autumn

Estimated hours: check-in-06: 00, check-out-22: 00


Бирюзовое кольцо России База отдыха Лагуна

Oryol region is the birthplace of talents

Календарь   all year round
Стоимость услуги   from 12900 for 5 days/4 nights *


The first day. Sightseeing tour of Orel - the city of Military Glory, the city of the First Salute, the third literary capital of Russia. Inspection of monuments to Ivan the Terrible, Alexey Ermolov, Nikolai Leskov, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Bunin.

The second day. Visit to the tourist center "Grinn", the art gallery of Andrey Kurnakov, the museum of collectible dolls and the spiritual and Orthodox center "Vyatsky Posad".

The third day. Sightseeing tour of the ancient Russian city of Bolkhov: sightseeing tour, visit to the Trinity Optina monastery, as well as the museum and the operating stud farm in the estate of Vasily Telegin.

The fourth day. Visit to the city of Mtsensk, check in to the village of Kleymenovo, where Afanasy Fet is buried. Tour of the house-museum and park of Ivan Turgenev in Spassky-Lutovinov.

The fifth day. Visit to the National Park "Orel polesie". During the tour, you will learn about its flora and fauna, enjoy the fragrant air of dense deciduous forests and hear ancient legends about the Nightingale-the Robber who lived behind nine oaks in Oryol Polesie. Visit the lake "Staroe" and visit the holy spring.

* Includes transport services in Orel, Mtsensk, Spasskoye-Lutovinovo, accommodation for 4 nights in a 3* hotel, excursion service for 3 days according to the program, the cost of entrance tickets to museums, meals: 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches in a cafe. The price is valid on 01.09.2020


Город Орел

Город Болхов

Национальный парк "Орловское полесье"

On September 9, within the framework of the event of the business program "Marketing of territories and National branding of Russia" with a live broadcast on the Internet, a presentation of the tourist brand of the Oryol region "Turquoise Ring of Russia" was held, within which it was told about the formation of the brand, its meanings and prospects, about the tourist magnets of the Oryol region, including those not yet well-known, for the first time included in a single brand of the region.


«Бирюзовое кольцо России» на международной выставке по туризму «ОТДЫХ 2020» в Сколково