On September 9, within the framework of the event of the business program "Marketing of territories and National branding of Russia" with a live broadcast on the Internet, a presentation of the tourist brand of the Oryol region "Turquoise Ring of Russia" was held, within which it was told about the formation of the brand, its meanings and prospects, about the tourist magnets of the Oryol region, including those not yet well-known, for the first time included in a single brand of the region.


«Бирюзовое кольцо России» на международной выставке по туризму «ОТДЫХ 2020» в Сколково


As the head of the Department for Territorial Development Projects of the Orel Region Andrey Karpov noted, the regional brand "Turquoise Ring of Russia" united the ancient cities of the Orel Region, standing on the primordial rivers of the Central Russian Upland, to attract tourists, promote the interests of the territory and solve the problems of its development.

The Orel region is visited by more than 500 thousand tourists and tourists a year. At the same time, according to the owners ' estimates, the capacity of the guest infrastructure's room stock is not filled by an average of 50%. The share of foreign tourists is extremely low. In general, the hospitality industry of the Orel region is unevenly developed and does not always meet the expectations of guests of the region.

For the Orel region, the synergy of the combined brand will allow to diversify the tourist offers of the region, increase the reach of guests, and offer enlarged tourist products. This is especially important in conditions when the key region-the donor of tourists for the Orel region is Moscow and the Moscow region (more than 20 million people).

Each of the small towns needs such a volume of tourist visits that will trigger irreversible changes associated with the revitalization and modernization of the hospitality sector, the development of related types of small businesses.

According to Andrey Karpov, the stated task will be solved by creating a comprehensive tourism product based on tourist territorial design, interdepartmental and inter-municipal synchronization and cross-industry coordination.

The number of participants of the exhibition from the Orel region, along with representatives of regional authorities, included specialists of the tourist market.

Representatives of the Orel region held a number of meetings with leaders of tourist associations, tour operators, representatives of tourist administrations, journalists and bloggers.